About Us


Who is amtious?

Maricruz Quezada founder of AMTIOUS doing ecclesia (ekklesia) the part of truth to fulfill the specific purpose plan. Which has discovered the implement general demand accomplish reaching worldwide that the company has grown in many spiritual seasons. The presence is just the beginning be subscribe. 


Our pursuing perfection is to achieve every season collection by bringing a divinely designed to be seeing. 


Our Mission

She just know the substance to intercede choosing the flavor clothed to step in the foundation stronger of every room.  


Our Vision

Creative with grace full highly quality garment perseverance to build momentums on a waiting fruit season to be one of the most recognized and conquer the walk in boldness. 


Our Solution

This has been a desire successfully fulfill in an absence collection to accomplish the brand cross exposure to rise up. 


Our Story

We give any culture styles they crave for the action fire they are living. Most it will speak what they are wearing, most are dressed to accomplish, and most will dressed to light. Any of these our collections is here to build up the endurance that will lead you to new.