Virtual Fitting Room

To find the perfect fit virtual try on please go to one of our collections and find the application called What's My Size. Our virtual measurements is the solutions for your virtual shopping from home and experience AMTIOUS wherever you are. 


Size Guide


XS    / 2

S    4/6

M     8/10

L   /12

1XL    14/16

2XL    18/20

3XL    22/24


XS    /6

S    8/10

M     12/14

L   /16

1XL    18/20

2XL    22/24

3XL    26/28


XS    32

S    34/36

M     38/40

L   /42

1XL    /46

2XL     /50

3XL     /52


XS    /6

S    / 8

M     / 10

L  /12

1XL    /16

2XL    / 20

3XL    / 24



Fabrics Types.

Polyester  One of the major advantages of polyester fabrics is its resistance to stain and doesn't wrinkle easily. 

Metallic One of them texture plain in shiny sequin quilt to look stunning in different angles with a stretchy fabric and changing color in light . 

Satin One of them Glossy texture with a style fabric silky smooth . 

Silk One of them makes you feel luxurious fabric with a textile and linens because they are soft and lightweight . 

Nylon One of them fabric very strong and silk with a smooth light woven floaty . 

Spandex One of them to make it a fitting fabric with a very stretch synthetic .

Rayon One of them that is like silk with a lightweight and doesn't wrinkle fast . 

Twill One of them fabric used denim making it durable and weather resistant . 

Bandage One of structure fitting fabric the kind that stretch to shape . 

Shantung One of them originally silk and has a slight sheen in sheer . 

Chiffon One of a piece thin and lightweight fabric with a translucent or sheer appearance . 

Sheer One of them fabric to result in a semi transparent and flimsy cloth. 

Sequins One of delicate fabric for sequin to fall off but softy stretch . 

Velvet One of them woven and knitted fabric that gives it a fuzzy feel . 

Cotton One of extremely soft stretch with a smooth touch appearance. 

Linen One of breathable fabric that doesn't wrinkle and are also loosely referred. 



Any inquiry's about your sizes ONLY please email SALES@AMTIOUS.COM